Roof Leak Repairs Phoenix… Blame it on the Rain!

The good news is metro Phoenix, as well as Flagstaff could really use the rain and snow! The not so good news is at some point in time homeowners will experience roof leaks…many are experiencing roof leaks now!

Usually there are two types of roof leaks: small ones and big ones. Either way it is important to address them. We were already on a few roofs today investigating leaks. Here are some tips for minimizing damages:

1. Use an old bucket or trash can to capture water. Save water in larger trash cans for watering of plants.
1st defense to prevent damage from leak...The Bucket!
2. Move nearby furniture out of the way; cover floor with plastic.
3. For larger leaks please take pictures, keep records…most of these larger leaks usually occur from wind damage that blows off tiles and paper, then water pours in.
4. Turn off any lights near source of leak.

Once the sun comes up take a deep breath, access the damage…for the most part the building materials are not very expensive to replace (drywall, baseboards, insulation, “roof paper”, plywood). Roofers throughout the valley will be very busy for a month or so…in the mean time be sure to use tape on the walls to mark where the water leaks occurred…they are hard to find after a few days.

Home Repairs and Remodeling is at your service. Just fill out a “Request for Service” located in the upper left hand corner of our website and we will call you within same working day. If you have any questions please post comments and we will answer and post as promptly as we can…others will benefit from the answers to your questions.